Learning how to be the master of my own destiny

Master of my own destiny

Master of my own destiny! Qualifications and diplomas are just labels that describe some of my abilities, not the real ones that define me. For this reason, I don’t put stickers on myself. The world surrounds me with many options such as a teacher, a writer, a businessman, a sculptor, an engineer, a psychologist, a street sweeper and even a mere trash man. However interesting they are, each and every one of these professions separately cannot design an adequate version of me.

In being my own master, I can work on myself and build my own power through different skills. What I know for a fact is that following a career in a linear path, in and of itself, does not amount to much. First, because the dominant system and the companies come with a pack of rules and demands. Second, due to the monotony and to the daily grind that suck people’s bloods. And third, on account of the hostile environment that has their claws on individuals. All of these aspects kick them out of the possibility of acting freely. However, for my part, the learning experience from these unfortunate professional adventures has triggered in me the ideal scope for initiative. So, I use them as a connection to insert me in the sphere of creation.

I Am The Master Of My Own Destiny And Reach My Stardom

Writing, my powerful ally, gets me out of a tight spot. Like a broom, it sweeps ideas that were accumulating like dust off my mind. Instead of getting lost in the air and becoming toxic, these thoughts go straight to text pages through a reversing operation. The inner workings of my brain turn them into solid content with an incredible power of communication and transformation. Considering this criterion, I apply my words of encouragement through a selective basis so that you can embrace them with enthusiasm.

Like sun rays, they permeate mountains, rivers and oceans in order to get through to you. And with a deep insight, you can activate your mindset, making it sustainable and open to a versatile range of inner resources you blindly believe you don’t possess. I, for one, just matched my abilities with my experiences and added a little touch of vision and now I see that although my mind is not palpable, the world it projects around me is. The result is clear and objective: thoughts and beliefs that capture events of the same nature.

The Multiplicity And The Panaromas Of Life Make Me Proud Of Being The Master Of My Own Destiny

Before delivering my finished ideas, my writing goes through a sculpting process. With a fine finishing, words and sentences externalize exactly the core of truth inherent within me. At first, a deranged version of ideas expand like a gas in my mind. Without allowing them to float out of my mind purposelessly, I immediately find a proper rhythm and cadence for them. In having the right notes flowing straight into my ears in a soft whisper, my inner child makes them sound good.

When it comes to incorporating the trickster archetype, why not doing it? I press pause, have fun and laugh at my own life, otherwise my journey would become hard as a rock. Are you not sure what I am? I’m a dancer with the movement of words. And a captain that chooses the direction to navigate. All this writing makes me more perceptive and closer to my psyche. In such condition, I bring my inborn writer into existence.

Life is my lecturer and as a student I learn how to recite the words and pour my heart out to you. The messages I send are the apple of my “third-eye”, the seed of my crown chakra. Investing in their use makes me costly and valuable. Being everything or nothing at all doesn’t denigrate my image.

My Self-concept Elucidates What I Am

From a perspective, me being everything implies that in exploring my own potential I seek to reach balance and approach my higher realm. Different fields increase my sense of entirety, inspiration blooms. In regards to me being nothing has more to do with slackness. And therefore, I become like a ball of fire that vanishes and gets lost in space. Pretty similar to a distant point in infinite galaxy. Such thing just expresses the occult power of flexibility repressed, out of action.

However, through initiative, the chi makes itself alive in my cells. Feeling expansion, my inspiration comes and so does my myriad of skills. Therefore, I can say that the feelings I have now are more special than those I had before. My different facets I try them out. I didn’t come to this world to attach to the basics. In actuality, I came here to master life through everything that integrates my universe.

At certain times, quietness becomes my moment of glory in which I see life in perspective and contemplate my uniqueness. At this time,I remind myself how good it is to be the master of my own destiny.

I am what I am: a grain of sand in the desert and the whole desert itself; a water molecule in the river and the entire river with its streams; a leaf of a tree and an undivided tree generating flower and fruit.

In short, I dare to compare myself to a farmer. This way, dealing with the elements of nature, I till my own soil and leave the ground fertile for my root to expand and grow. Limitless as a tree, my growth manifests itself upwards, downwards and in every possible angle following the principles of holistic care. Concerning gaps, they unexpectedly appear, but I fill all of them by myself. And if confusion knocks on my door with big question marks over the true righteousness of God, I just relax. Reiki shows me that I can consistently harness His power on my mind and on my imposing hands for my own healing. This source resides in me and helps me stand fast in my path.

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