The paradoxes of life require a higher level of consciousness from man

The paradoxes of life

The paradoxes of life are like souls in heaven and humans creating hell on earth. They come and go in a way similar to calm after a storm. In different forms, in all kinds of situations, they show their degree of mildness and acuteness. And the lessons conveyed express nothing more than the amnesia of existence. What seems real is just a projection from the dual mind.

Through the mind’s eye opening each event we see reveals itself in a sardonical way. Life and all its constituents dissolve themselves into an oxymoron. Therefore, one reality that, at first, expresses itself as something of utmost concern becomes trifling on a certain point. Even in its highest standards, irrelevance may abruptly take place by storm. From this analysis, the concept of high value can exert influence over people in a versatile way in some cases being interpreted as important and in other ones as unimportant – which means that both of these opposite attributes may shift positions according to the individual’s frame of mind.


What man’s mind sees is nothing more than the result of the maturity or non-maturity of his inner intellect. The reality scanning in this mind game goes through changing cycles. The richness of man’s mind makes him capable of switching from an asleep state to an awaken one. This fact proves once more that the paradoxes of life do exist. Stagnation loses space for manifestation. However, the own power of infiniteness inherent in nature does the job of placing man in the first cycle again – this time starting another season.

What, initially, shows an idea of repetition is just a paradox of life in season transition.

This way, products of his mind that were, at first, of great significance dissolve themselves into nothingness. This might be due to the fact that the materialization of man’s ideas uses the same elements that govern his survival. Therefore, after reaching the last stage of creation, manifestations become available for use, this way being susceptible to wear and tear from the same elements that created them. I would risk myself with a personal axiom which states that ideas circulate, materials degrade.


The paradoxes of life, then, come with an example to illustrate this: with fresh ideas on paper, man designs clothes. The fashion parade exibits their exuberance catching the public attention. Through talk shows and other forms of advertisements the media feed masses of people with new fashion concepts. Hence, receptive minds easily adopt the suggestions and take them to the streets. Albeit this is awesome, don’t fall for it as the law of rhythm will eventually come to pass. Such styles that once held people’s attention and became an obsession in their tastes fulfil their roles, lose glamour and become cliché.

This is the magic of creation! Man is abducted by insights, comes up with new ideas, brings them to the physical form – something which mesmerizes groups and tribes – and despite all the fame and impact, they just stick for a while and then disappear. The old and obsolete reach those who are open to them. This comes down to the fact that the transient nature of things is everywhere. It’s not by chance that man constantly reinvents himself at every moment, that products of his creations never stand the test of time and that new generations steal the limelight. Living in this never-ending cycle of life, each loop brings stronger and brighter generations.

In these paradoxes of life, things that once contained glitter become waste and litter. At times, rubbishness captures the eye of the beholder and takes him hostage. In other words, what is not pretty and useful anymore for some suits the less fortunate. In short, man’s life has its basis on a game of interests, fear, surpassing and breakthrough. So, he can afford whatever he wants providing that he believes in the existing world of possibilities.


The infinite spirit wants man to reach a point where his inventions may surpass any possible need. Once this happens, it is easier to integrate everyone into unity consciousness. The problem, however, is that in the race for gold, the sense of competition and lack of compassion run wild. Then, it allows the survival instinct to become more prevalent. If on the one hand civilization has reached its apogee in regards to the power of creation, on the other, it is imperative that each and every man – myself included – understand the true nature of evolution and involution.

Therefore, the paradoxes of life require that man’s mind, body and spirit be in harmony with Gaia. Thus, both can live together in mutual respect and empathy.

With the interconection between the Microcosm and Macrocosm, energy, love and wisdom must permeate every creation. Otherwise, avarice and self-serving interests will continuously be the cause for a steady decline in the true progress of humanity. And instead of moving ahead easily towards a greater purpose, the “every man for himself” principle will eventually prevail.

Now seeing from another angle, the same power that generates slowness may drive man towards illumination. This is because stumbling blocks work as an impetus for man to search for the wisdom lost for aeons. Thus, what stuck him in negative and poor mindset, in one way or another, will serve a greater purpose. Once he sees himself capable of seeing through the smoke screen, vision comes through his mind. And even slowly but steadily, he uses his inner senses to make the law of recompense to predominate in his life. In this journey, contradictions and enigmas will only be jigsaw pieces guiding him towards the recognition of the primordial importance of love in the process of creating and sharing abundance.

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