The rich power of nature in providing a satisfying life

A Rich and Satisfying Life

A rich and satisfying life is the result of how you interact with your reality right now. It is like a crystal ball ready for your attention. Once you keep your eyes fixed on it, you bring all the hidden magnetism and power to the orbit of your life! But in order to insert this magic into your existence, you must learn to move along with the nuances of it. Trust me, all you gotta do is use the three magic words to make yourself blissful and alive in your existence: “I AM GOD!” You had better say it to yourself.  

The magic begins with the power of your words and with the feelings of true love for life. With an enthusiastic fervor, you show the Universe that you hold yourself responsible for your own joy and that you don’t trade it for anything else. The divine spirit dwells on you, which means that you can trigger His power through your own script, magnetism and clear mind. The attainment of this allure happens only through your permission.

Find A Rich and Satisfying life in Nature

With the sun you feel the universal light going deeper into your soul. In walking barefoot you allow the ground to caress your feet, giving them energy to move freely. A sensation of pleasure arises and grows stronger when you inhale fresh air through your nose. In so doing you help the air of grace to come into your life. This way, you don’t feel the heavy weight of the world on your shoulders. In navigating with coherence, what seems bad in the dualistic mind is just a window of opportunity for the greater good. Living through this principle helps you surrender to the web of creation and become one with it.

The trees, leaves, flowers and green landscape provide you with different colors revealing you as part of mother Gaia. The subtle touch of these cosmic riches prove that, in essence, you are out of bondage and also that you are owner of the life you aspire for. To better understand that, just look at the sky and see the birds flying in synchronicity. Every single part of nature represents a small part of you which needs connection with the source.

Freedom is Much Better Than Any Other Thing in Life

Never ever think that only concrete landscapes and material gains will bring you true happiness. Ignorance is bliss, which means that sooner or later a strange feeling of bitterness will strike your heart and suck the vitality of your soul. At this point, you will ask yourself “What is missing in my life?”

With your heart wide open, remember first to love and respect mother Gaia as She has the resources for the benefit of all. Then, delight yourself in nature and be as much frivolous as you can. These simple things magnetize your morphogenetic field and your DNA. More than any man-made mundane activity, they put you in real self-connection and alpha state.

Take some time to enjoy real life in its true form. With freedom right on your side, why turn your back on the true source? A rich and satisfying life is about hitting the ground running for the treasures of your soul. Because when your inner self is truly abundant, you don’t give in to twisting and turning all through the night. On the contrary, you just believe in yourself and in the power of now. And with no ifs, buts and maybes, you let the Universe embrace you in its totality and reshape every circumstance of your life.

Make Your Existence The Greatest Fortune through The Years

Now, if the environment you are in and people you keep in touch with are not exactly the real intent of your soul desire, then these things are up for question. Whether you like it or not, the responsibility is yours in the active creation of joy. Therefore, throwing in the towel is just a waste of time that cements a victim mentality.

In this game called life, your heart plays the compass role in every decision. This means that extreme situations call for action. Therefore, in rearranging yourself in circumstances that resonate with your soul, you allow the foundation and building of a new perspective. This is the starting point from which you can master and monitor your life. A noise-free mind contributes better for your aura and for the harmonization of the light within.

A rich and satisfying life have everything to do with your present and how you create it.

If you don’t succeed, try and try again. Mark my words: triumph and happiness depend entirely on the divine presence you keep within more than any material success. It’s more your inner than your outer world that matters. This is what life shows you in every second along the way.

So, every time deception comes on the outside, all you need to do is sustain the victorious power on the inside. If your day today is not flowing the way you expect, just let it go. There is always the following day ready for a restart. Sometimes, demands, peer pressure and duties will make you feel overwhelmed. And you cannot be perfect and aligned all the time. So, why not letting the repressed feelings boil over?

At times, losing yourself in your own shadow helps you activate your self-protection.

After that, you can get back on track through meditation, mantras and affirmations. Never squander the opportunity to make use of polarization in your favor. For this reason, be flexible and explore the entire you. A wonderful example is when you give your analytical mind the opportunity to be creative and playful. In making this choice, you feel freedom truly running your body. This is because you are not wearing masks, you are just absorbed in the activity. Playing and behaving naturally like a child is not that bad, as it can improve your relationship with your inner self.

Now, if you look around and feel poor, please, remember that abundance is a state of mind. So, put your ideas and skills into action, use communication to promote yourself, build up a network, be positive in your beliefs, see the light projecting from you on your path.

Rather than intoxicating yourself with “external noise”, nurture your mind with ideas that set you free. The other side of the world means unexplored territory, not a place impossible to reach. If, for a moment, you feel that seriousness and routine are consuming you, be jolly and naughty as much as you can. Sometimes, it is necessary to relax and have fun in the strategic life game.

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