A clarification about the proper use of spell ritual training

Spell ritual training

How Belief Can Bring About Successful Magic Spells

Spell ritual training: are they effective or not? Many people debate their existence or effectiveness. However, they don’t fully understand the concepts behind magic and how it works. So, they question the results instead of learning and applying the techniques to achieve their own results. That’s another problem, as magic is a very personal experience and everyone’s interpretation often differs. But this is a topic for another discussion.

By and large, successful magic spells come about by the application of belief, will and desire. For this reason, your true intentions drive the magic spells you cast and determine the eventual outcome. Without a doubt, the powerful energy behind the spell is the engine to make it work. Furthermore, it’s crucial that you build a relationship with spirituality.

Now, going deep into this topic,…

magic spells are not like what you see in the movies. In reality, they’re not visual and they don’t happen in the blink of an eye. They can’t do physically impossible things like making you invisible. And they can’t even make you fly or produce cash out of thin air. However, they can bend the rules slightly.

In actuality, magic comes entirely from within you. Thus, you have to release the energy from your heart, mind and spirit and then direct that energy towards your life goals. Magic spells, rituals, incantations, chants, symbols and so on, all help you to do exactly that.

So where does belief come into the occult?

Well, imagine a situation where you cast a magic spell to get a new job. You go through the procedure of the spell, you perform the rituals, speak the right words and do everything that the spell says you should. But in the back of your mind, you “know” that the spell is rubbish and it won’t bring you any closer to getting a new job.

Spell ritual training – Do you think that magic spell can be successful this way?

Probably not. And here’s why: because the magic comes from within you, you have to maintain a firm belief in yourself, your magic, your spells and your goals in order to maintain a proper focused mind and keep every fiber of your being focused on your goals. 

The Importance Of Colours In Spell Ritual Training

Colours are very important in all types of magic. They touch different parts of your unconscious mind, and trigger emotions and feelings, besides helping you to unlock your magic energy and power. Hence, using the right colours in your magic is vital for getting the best results. 

Generally speaking, many people use colours differently – that’s OK.

In practice, we all see colours differently and they mean different things to each of us individually. How you choose to use colours is up to you and will depend on your personal preferences. 

Modern magic makes use of colour in a variety of ways: through candles, altar cloths, oils, coloured water, clothes and robes, charms, symbols, amulets, plants and herbs, gems and crystals and so on, all add to the power of your magic.

The Ancient Egyptians had sacred chambers lit with colored sunlight within their temples.

Rays of sunlight were split into the different colors of the rainbow so that each healing room was illuminated with a single, vivid color. 

Visitors would be diagnosed and put into the coloured chamber that would best heal and restore them. And it is said that the citizens of the lost civilization of Atlantis, which many scholars maintain really did exist, had similar healing chambers lit by crystal filtered light.

Below is a list of colours and their respective purposes. Remember: colors means so much!

Spell ritual training on colour “RED” –

Usually meaning passion, lust and love, red is a very strong and powerful colour. It is a “whole body” colour, causing a reaction across all of you. This way, it raises your heartbeat, focuses your attention and activates your body and mind. Following this train of thought, we can apply Red in our Love Spells. 

We also sometimes see the use of Red for anger, although spells should never be cast in anger.

Yellow –

This colour is for healing, calming, confidence, concentration and change. Yellow brings inspiration and warmth and helps to heal. Because of this we can use it in our Healing Spells.

Green –

It mostly represents money, success, ambition, abundance and prosperity but represents nature, the earth and fertility too. So, green colour use is for Money Spells.

Blue/Purple –

Dark and powerful colours, these are luxurious and rich. They provoke feelings of power, supremacy, ultimate control and influence. There is also an element of understanding, loyalty and truth to blue and purple. No wonder we can use these colours for Power Spells.


It is all the colours of the spectrum combined, and is a purifying, cleansing and restorative colour. White is so positive that is helpful in virtually every magic spell! Being the ultimate colour for protection, peace, harmony, light, spirituality and safety, white use is mostly for the Protection Spells. 

Open your eyes to the colours around you during the day, and try to notice what effect those colours have on you. Then translate that into your magic. For a clearer idea of how colours can affect magic, try out a few of our spells from different spell books! 

Spell Ritual Training – Conclusion

Without belief, you will lack focus. Without focus, your magic will not be as powerful as it could be, and without powerful magic you won’t get any results.

That being said, you might be wondering, “But how can I build that belief?”

Part of the answer is to have faith and keep practising, but you can give yourself a head start. Every time you start performing a ritual, keep in mind that words, focus, energy and confidence must come truly from your heart. In addition, get information about the 12 universal laws that rule human existence. At the end of the day, causes and consequences work together.

Therefore, nature is alive which means that chants, incantations and mantras remodel patterns in the subconscious and bring you a new frequency. Some plants, herbs, crystals and oils purify environments. When it comes to colors, each one emanates a specific frequency that may help in different areas of your life. But on top of all this, you must be at peace with your life. Contradictory ideas, impulsive behavior, uncontrolled feelings just mess the rituals up. In a nutshell, your harmony is the element that aligns with the manifestation of your desire.

It’s undeniable that spell ritual training is real, no matter what people say.

They will claim that there is no proof of results, but the proof is all around us every day. Once you have prepared yourself to believe, you will begin to finally see the truth with incredible and unexplainable results from your spells. There is no time like the present!  

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